Broccoli Information Sheets


Central Head Variety

Marathon has a high dome, small bead and heavy head. Heat tolerant but unique because it keeps growing even in cooler temperatures, so it is perfect for a fall crop in the South. 

Aspabroc Hybrid

Sprouting Variety

Known as Broccolini in the produce section of your grocery store and on restaurant menus, resembles a broccoli raab with an asparagus stem, with a mild taste. Easy-to-grow. After first maturity of the central shoots, plants will set 3 to 5 shoots shortly thereafter and continue for about 4 weeks in mild weather.


Central Head Variety

Heirloom vigorous, light-green plant produces a 3-4" bluish-green central head. After the central head is cut, many medium-sized side shoots take its place for a prolonged harvest. 

Brazilian Sprouting Priacicaba

Sprouting Variety

A non-heading broccoli, this plant is large, productive, heat and cold tolerant. Harvest the flower shoots stem and all, and it will continue to produce more. Named for Piracicaba, Brazil, where it was developed, this broccoli has a mild and sweet flavor and is quite tender, even raw. Start seeds anytime and enjoy a long, bountiful, delicious harvest.

Mini Broccoli, Burgundy – Hybrid

Sprouting Variety

This stunning sprouting broccoli has beautiful purple buds and purple-green stems. Easy to harvest because of concentrated side-shoot production and tall, strong plants. Slender stems with few leaves make for easy bunching. Pinching recommended.

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