Collards at VISTA "House of the Rising Seeds"-Fall 2020

Flash FI, Hybrid

Hybrid Type

Very slow to bolt, Flash offers repeated harvests of dark green, smooth leaves and is very high yielding.


Georgia Type

Tiger’s a favorite in the south, where collard is culinary king. Expect a royal crop of hardy, upright plants packed with slightly savoyed, thick, blue-green leaves. ‘Tiger’ stands out for flavor and high ratio of blade to stalk. Plants eagerly regrow: so you can enjoy harvest after harvest of this tasty kale cousin.

Old Timey Blue

Georgia Type

Donated to Seed Savers Exchange in 1989 by Ralph Blackwell of Alabama. Ralph's family grew this variety for over a hundred years and his mother used it to make a dish similar to sauerkraut. Plants grow to 2' tall with blue-green leaves and purple stems/veins. Very good eating qualities.

Portuguese Collards


This hybrid variety originating in Portugal produces wide, blue-green leaves with a prominent white midrib. It is heat resistant and it welcomes the colder months with a sweeter and more nutritious harvest of greens. The leaves are traditionally used in soups and stews such as Caldo Verde, the national soup of Portugal. 

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