Bean Information Sheets Available at VISTA "House of the Rising Seeds"-Fall 2020

Mascotte French Filet Beans

Bush Type

Bush-type haricot vert with dense but shallow roots and stringless beans that sit right on the top of the foliage, for easy picking. Generous crop of 5- to 6-inch pods, just ¼-inch in diameter but packed with rich, succulent flavor and crunchy texture. 

Tendergreen Improved

Bush Type

A great garden-bean variety for canning and freezing, as well as fresh eating. They are not only heat tolerant, but disease resistant as well. Productive bush-type plant that bears tender stringless pods 6" long.  Enjoy raw or lightly cooked. 

Cherokee Wax

Bush Type

Heirloom bush-type plant produces excellent yields of 6" stringless yellow wax beans with black seeds. Excellent fresh, canned, or frozen.

Blue Lake Pole Beans

Pole Type

This vigorous, 7' tall variety made Oregon's Willamette Valley famous in the 60s and 70s for canning beans. The smooth, 6-7"green pods have a straight, yet plump shape. Harvested at their peak, you'll find them tender, meaty, and full of hearty, fresh bean flavor. 


Bush Type

Our very best snap bean for fresh eating, freezing, or processing, the Empress bean offers incredible flavor. The vigorous plants produce heavy yields of large, straight, green, 5-6” stringless pods.

Lazy Wife

Pole Type- Greasy Variety

One of the largest of all the greasy varieties. Thick, fleshy, and stringless, pods remain tender until the beans are quite large. A great shelling bean as well. 


Pole beans are a space saving wonder for the compact garden. The long vines take advantage of vertical space and have a continual harvest throughout the growing season, so they have higher yields per square foot than bush beans. For many people, the flavor is beyond compare as well. 


Bush Type

One of the best quality French filet bean variety on the market with pods 7" long and straight. Good yield. Disease resistance to Anthracnose and Bean Common Mosaic Viruses. 

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