Cucumber Fact Sheets

Soarer Hybrid

Japanese Variety

Valued particularly for its flavor, this Japanese burpless cucumber hybrid is easy to grow and a generous producer of 8" long cucumbers, up to 1" in diameter, with fine white spines and smooth deep-green skin. The vigorous plants tolerate heat very well.

Summer Dance Hybrid

Japanese Variety

Best known for its extremely uniform fruit, this hybrid grows vigorously and delivers a high yield from its many lateral vines. The mild tasting, deep green, 9" long fruit are straight with fine white spines on their glossy skin. 

Palace Pride Hybrid

Japanese Variety

Yields a prolific crop of fruits with glossy dark green skin with defined ridges and fine white spines. Fruits are harvested 10” long. They have crisp flesh and sweet flavor. No need to peel skin since the white spines are easily removed by washing.


Heirloom Variety

Sometimes referred to as snake melon, serpent and yard long cucumber. This variety is light green, heavily ribbed, and spineless. Fruits are crisp, mild and sweet flavored. It is a burpless cucumber and its thin skin does not require peeling. Very heat tolerant.

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