Pingtung Long

Thai Variety

This versatile variety matures earlier than most and is a perfect choice to use in an appetizer or side dish. A beautiful eggplant with shiny, dark lavender slender fruits that grow up to 12" long. Produces very well, even in very hot weather. 

Black Beauty

American Variety

An heirloom variety, it bears classically shaped, glossy, purple-black fruits that are delicious grilled, baked, and in stir-fries. Plants produce 4 to 6 large fruit, or more if kept harvested and well watered.  

Additional Fact Sheets

Listada De Gandia

Spanish Variety

 This prized variety bears sweet, tender, thin-skinned, stunning eggplant. heavy yields of high-quality, 8" oval white fruits with purple stripes and mild white flesh. The variety thrives in very hot weather. 

Florida High Bush

American Variety

Vigorous, upright, and well-branched plants bear high-quality fruits continuously throughout the season, and its large purple-black pear-shaped eggplants are held high off the ground. Disease- and drought-resistant. 


Italian Variety

These dark purple beauties with green tinted flesh are slender, 9 inches by 3 inches in diameter. Deep eggplant flavor, texture, firm flesh, and rarely bitter. The fruits are borne in clusters of 4-6 on two-foot tall plants, are disease-resistant, and rarely bitter. 

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