Dwarf Blue Curled

Spanish Variety

Heavily crinkled leaves make fine kale chips and hold up well after harvest. 12-14" high plants with a wide spread of plumage. Slow to bolt, cold hardy & overwinters well.

Grows best in well-drained soil with compost and available nutrients like nitrogen. Add compost to ensure that the seedlings will have food immediately available to them once transplanted. Avoid planting where any member of the cabbage family grew the year before.

Nero Di Toscana

Italian heirloom Variety

This very tender and juicy variety is called palm kale because the plant looks just like a little palm tree. It is also known as dinosaur, Lacinato or Tuscan kale. A hardy, non-heading variety that produces juicy, very tender and delicious dark green leaves. Harvest young for best flavor. 

Snow Drop Kalette

Hybrid Variety

Kalettes resulted from breeding crosses between Brussels sprouts and kale, resulting in small open, flower-like florets. 

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