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Meet the VISTA Communications Team

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Is reading the monthly VISTA Matters one of your guilty pleasures like it is for me? Do you ever find yourself wondering what is or has happened recently at the garden? Well, the VISTA Communications Team works hard to keep you updated. We use various methods to reach as many of our garden friends in the know!

VISTA has a robust website filled with information such as upcoming events, plant information sheets, previous celebrations, and even our own online seed/seedling ordering system. Our website is maintained by Marc Perkins-Carrillo.

Our monthly newsletter is professionally curated and distributed by Mary Bryant. She works closely with the other committee chairs to provide interesting and timely news from the garden and community. The newsletter is sent via email to all garden members. Missing an issue of the newsletter? You can find the last several years archived on our website.

Feeling the need to get more “social”? Well, the VISTA Communications Team has you covered there as well. Guy Cavalluzzi and Robert Leverett work diligently to keep VISTA’s Facebook page filled with color photos and stories from the garden. If you are looking for a committee to join, the team could always use more help with other social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

The VISTA Communications Team would like to warmly thank Roberta Owens. She spends countless hours working on garden projects and the content she sends for us to share with each of you.

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