Big Beef

Large Fruit

Nice combination of size, taste, and earliness. Large, averaging 10-12 oz., mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit.  Full flavor – among the best – and ripen early for their size.


Small Fruit

Bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes. This orange cherry variety has an incredibly sweet, almost fruit-like flavor.  Fruits are borne in large clusters and the flavor develops early.


Small Fruit

Sunpeach (sister variety to Sun Gold, is less tangy & acidic as its famous orange relative, but is very sweet with excellent flavor.) Deep pink, shiny, 15-20 gm., fruit are borne on long trusses. 

Supersweet 100

Small Fruit

The classic sweet, red cherry tomato. Reliable with prolific yields of great tasting, 15-20 gm. fruits produced in large clusters. 

Kellogg's Breakfast

Large Fruit

Large, sweet, and tangy flavored orange beefsteak fruits grow to 1-2 pounds.  Rich flavor with good acid to sugar balance.  Very productive. 

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Small Fruit

Great in a stew of white beans, kale, and roasted tomatoes, pasta e fagioli, or a just simple rustic pasta sauce. Excellent sliced and eaten raw, but the variety really shines with roasting, as it brings out the savory richness of flavor. 

Berkeley Tie Dye Green

Large Fruit

Incredibly colorful and delicious large-fruited slicing variety! Fruit runs 8 to 16 ounces. Exterior color is green with stripes in red and yellow. Creamy green flesh infused with various shades of red and yellow. Each of these colors has a different flavor resulting in a spicy, sweet, tart tomato with good acid all in one fruit. Fair to good production. 

Cherokee Purple

Large Fruit

Introduced by Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, NC, in 1991 from seed obtained from J. D. Green of Tennessee. Uniquely colored dusty rose-brown fruits weigh up to 12 ounces. Delicious sweet flesh. Indeterminate, 75-90 days from transplant.

Dr. Wyche's Yellow

Large Fruit

Unique yellow tomatillo with contrasting purple blush (1½" diameter), delicious sweet flavor. Very prolific and easy to grow. 


Small Fruit

Diminutive, about the size of a dime and usually smaller, with tremendous sweet taste. Great eaten right off the vine or in salads and as garnish.  Often grown wild in non-trellised fashion with hundreds of fruit clusters on one plant! Reseeds year after year.   

Granadero F1

Small Fruit

produces very high yields of uniform, attractive, bright red, 4-5 oz. tomatoes with very good flavor. Thick-walled fruit; ideal for fresh tomato sauces, salsas, and salads. Broad disease resistance package keeps Granadero healthy even under heavy disease pressure. 

Karen Hybrid

Large Fruit

This sweet, fruit-like flavored cherry tomato first volunteered from Karen Rose’s compost bin. The “Karen”is a hybrid Sungold.  Karen’s are bigger and usually have less seeds. 

Roma VF

Small Fruit

Plum to round shape, thick walled, red 4-6 oz medium-sized fruit popular (paste type) for canning, sauce, juice or drying. Heavy producer. 

Romanesco (Pantano)


Productive vines yield large crops of 12 oz., brilliant-red, slightly-ribbed tomatoes with meaty interiors bursting with wonderful, rich, complex, tomato flavors. 

Tommy Toe

Small Fruit

Exceptionally vigorous plants yield hundreds of large red cherry tomatoes throughout the season. The superb flavor won it top billing over 100 other varieties in an Australian taste test.

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