Turnips at VISTA "House of the Rising Seeds"-Fall 2020

Red Round

Japanese Type

Traditional Japanese turnip with semi-globed root, deep scarlet red skin with white flesh that is tender and crisp. It has a delicious, sweet flavor when harvested young to full maturity. Turnip tops are green with red veins and stems.


Asian turnips are mainly eaten when very young and are delicious raw with a dressing. The roots and young green tops can be sautéed, pickled or added to stew, curry and soup.

Purple Top

American Type

The classic name in American turnips, grown in the south for generations and beloved both for its smooth roots and for its flavorful, lobed, mid-green tops, which make excellent greens. Smooth, round roots are white below the soil line and bright purple above.


Nutritious young leaves are the classic southern greens perfect for soups, in vegetable gratin, or baked alongside other root vegetables.  Harvest 2-3 leaves per root after they reach 4" in height. If you don’t harm the bulb, they will continue to grow.  


Roots are best when harvested at 2–3 inches in diameter. They can also be harvested young (1-2 inches in diameter) for tender gourmet baby turnips. Turnip greens can be harvested any time after they reach four inches tall. If you don't harm the top of the bulb, the greens will continue to regrow.

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