Behind the Scenes

VISTA Gardens was founded in 2008 as a result of a joint project of the three Carrollwood Village Home Owners Associations and partnership with the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department.


Through the support of our Hillsborough County Commissioners and the considerable dedication and true grit of Carrollwood Village residents, this county-owned property has been transformed from an abandoned, overgrown water treatment facility into the beautiful, thriving and sustainable community garden

park we enjoy today.


VISTA Gardens opened to community memberships in Fall 2014 with 6 plots and 10 active members. Today we have 54 beds with over 85 active members. 

All residents of Hillsborough County are welcome to join VISTA Gardens and learn about organic gardening methods and associated technologies as well as, and to borrow a phrase from the Hillsborough County Parks Mission, “Leave life’s daily pressures behind and reconnect with nature, your family, and friends at a nearby County park.”

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