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Bird Resources

Bird Resources

7 Simple Ways to Help Birds

Simple things to help our feathered friends

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Bird Resources

Resources varying from education to bird rescue.

Bird Presentation

Linda Schocken retired from the pharmaceutical industry where she managed both Quality Assurance and Training activities for over 30 years and has been involved in numerous environmental issues including being the Chairperson of the Rochester MA Conservation Commission and helped to develop their Open Space Plan.

Linda has been interested in wildlife and bird watching for over 50 years! She started out with bird feeders in her backyard in Rochester MA and gradually expanded that interest into bird watching and keeping a life list of birds that she saw. That interest morphed into wildlife photography, and she has traveled both nationally and internationally pursuing this hobby.  Her photographs have been featured in Florida Magazine and numerous news publications.


Linda is one of the founding members of the Safety Harbor Owl Team; a group dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of secondary anticoagulant rat poison as it affects owls, raptors, and other predators.  She  resides in Carrollwood Village with her husband.

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