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Clearing the site
Vicki working the land
Digging out root matter
Schematic posted
Plant delivery
Native plants arrive
Native plants arrive
Transplant time
First the placement
Phase One - Center plantings installed
Fakahatchee Grass, with Swamp Azalea,
Then the transplanting
Final transplant Phase One
Needle Palm
Vicki and volunteers
Phase One plantings
Shiny Coffee
Part of the collection
Starting Phase Two
Plantings set out
Angela at work
Angela tending transplants
Richard transplanting
Richard planting
Marilyn transplanting
Transplanting continues
Linda transplanting
Jennifer watering
Group hard at work
Mitch delivering compost
Vicki & Bill preparing transplant
Bill Clark transplanting
Simpson Stopper garden planted Octobe
Phase 3 Pollinator Garden
Phase 3 Pollinator Garden
Rolfe and Ken clearing more land
Robert and Renee preparing plantings
First transplant
Saif and Abraham transplanting
Vicki installing the first of 55 plants
Beautyberry transplanted
Two of three Cutleaf Coneflowers
Lauren transplanting Tropical Sage
Katie transplanting Cutleaf Coneflower
Lauren transplanting Tropical Sage
NE View of 54 transplants
NW View of fledgling pollinator garden
SW View of transplants
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