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The "VISTA" in VISTA Gardens stands for the Village Institute for Sustainable Technologies & Agriculture.  We are a community garden located in Carrollwood (Tampa), FL.  We are Hillsborough County's first Garden Park and our members eat what they grow.  


We regularly seek volunteers to help us play in the dirt, create infrastructure, battle pesky torpedo grass, and generally make our little acreage better for our community and its native butterflies, bees, etc.  We regularly hold education events in an effort to increase awareness of organic gardening and healthy living.  We would love to have you spend some time with us in the Florida sunshine!

To prepare for your upcoming volunteer shift, please complete this Volunteer Waiver and either email it to vistagardens@gmail.com or bring a printed copy with you to the garden. You only need to sign this waiver one time.


Effective November 9, 2019, volunteers aged 14 or younger must be accompanied and supervised on site by an adult (family member or responsible party) for the duration of their volunteer shift. This is to both ensure personal safety and an effective volunteer session. Both volunteers and adults must sign a Volunteer Waiver.  Thank you for your understanding. 


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Due to COVID 19, VISTA has cancelled all group functions and activities until furhter notice.

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