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VISTA Membership Renewal

We are excited that you are interested in renewing your membership at VISTA. 

VISTA Gardens’ Member


As a member, I agree to promote and support VISTA Gardens’ mission: “To provide education and to serve as a sustainable model for organic gardening, native landscaping, and related technologies while providing opportunities to participate in healthy outdoor activities, responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, and community building.”

Since my participation beyond my own plot is what defines VISTA Gardens, I agree to the following:

  1. To learn and practice organic sustainable gardening.

  2. To observe reasonable safety precautions and report any unsafe conditions or activities to the Garden Committee Chair. 

  3. To protect our property. Gates, shed and equipment should be kept locked to prevent access by unauthorized persons.  Ensure all water valves are closed upon leaving.

  4. To be responsible for the safety and behavior of all guests and those I authorize to tend my plot.

  5. To sign the Liability Waiver.

  6. VISTA Gardens believes in the honor system.  I will be a good neighbor and neighbors will be good to me.  I will keep my garden space (inside and outside) free from weeds, pests and disease, and return all shared tools to their appropriate place in better condition than I found them.

  7. To remove all vegetation and plant a cover crop (or less preferably, cover the soil) in the summer months (June-August) and continue to maintain the pathways and other shared garden areas during this break or seek approval from the Garden Committee for an exception.

  8. To not make any changes or alterations in the community property (areas outside the perimeter of the garden plots) without prior Board approval.

  9. To agree that VISTA reserves the authority to take preventative action and trim items that grow outside of the bed walls, mass spray for fungus, and other general garden maintenance items that impact the garden’s overall health.

Additionally, in accordance with the VISTA Board’s desire to keep dues low and to support our mission of creating community while providing opportunities for personal growth, I agree to participate, support or lead in the following:

  1. Volunteer for general garden upkeep and/or committee work at least two hours monthly.

  2. The non-physical operational and educational function of the garden by joining and supporting one of the many committees (itemized below) or proposing to the Garden Committee Chair and implementing an approved independent project.

  3. The assistance with gardening activities to support members with differing physical capabilities and personal situations, helping fellow members as opportunities arise.

  4. The tending and planting in my bed within 2 weeks of joining, unless receiving prior approval from the Garden Committee. I otherwise automatically forfeit my bed and dues. I understand that a plot left unattended becomes a problem for the whole garden and requires precious volunteer hours to rehab and maintain.

  5.  The creation and maintenance of a beautiful garden consistent with the community at large.

  6. The physical work of maintaining common areas, amenities, infrastructure, and any vacant plots.

Summary acknowledgment:

  • I understand that neglecting my plot or expecting others to tend to weeds, plant disease, or harvest in and adjacent to my garden bed is a failure to comply with the membership agreement and can result in the loss of my garden bed at VISTA Gardens.

Beds are owned by VISTA Gardens, which gives the right of usage to seasonal gardeners who comply with the agreements of membership. By signing this form, I agree to the “VISTA Gardens’ Member Agreement.” Dues/fees are not refundable.

Committee Selection: 

I agree to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours per month to support VISTA Gardens and select the following committee to participate in: 

Committee Choices
Membership Options

Membership dues can be paid by cash, check or online. Cash or check (made out to VISTA Gardens) can be placed in the locked mailbox in our garden shed or pay online via Paypal after hitting "submit" on this form.

Want More Information?

Complete this form to have someone from our membership committee contact you about joining VISTA.

Document with Pen

Rather Complete A Paper Application?

Download, complete, and return membership application to VISTA.

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