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Another Bug Story...Oh It Must Be Summer In Florida

And just like that the weather warms and a pethoria of bugs have found their way into the garden. Roberta shared that yesterday she spent some time manually removing Sri Lankan weevils from the American Wisteria on the pergola. She tells me that these little buggers were really feasting on the foliage our lovely plants.

Photograph by Anita Neal, University of Florida

Adult Sri Lankan weevils can really cause a lot of damage to our plant leaves. Just take a look at damage to this green buttonwood leaf.

Photograph by Holly Green, University of Florida.

According to UF/IFAS these bugs are resistant to pestisides and are quick to evade. They will also even feign death and drop to the ground. Best removal method is by hand. A quick removal method suggested by UF/IFAS is shaking a limb and collect the pests in an upturned umbrella place below the area you are working. Then place the bugs collected in soapy water.

Happy hunting....

Photograph by Anita Neal, University of Florida.

More information can be found here:

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