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Native Plant of the month: Dotted Horsemint

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Dotted Horsemint (Monarda punctata), also known as Spotted Beebalm, attracts many beneficial insects, including Hoverflies that consume aphids, a common garden pest.

When aphids feed on plants it stunts plant growth, produces honeydew that supports sooty mold fungi, and can vector plant viruses. During spring and summer, aphids can be abundant. One of the most serious problems caused by aphids to vegetable crops is the spread of plant viruses. We want Hoverflies!

In addition to being valued predatory insects, Hoverflies, also known as Syrphid flies, are pollinators. We host them at VISTA in our Native Plant Landscape pollinator garden north of the pavilion and in our Wildflower Garden.

See more photos of a Hoverfly and other beneficial insects benefitting from Dotted Horsemint at

Remember Native plants support healthy vegetable growing!

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