VG Wildflowers Fun Facts

As VISTA Gardens’ Wildflowers consultant Bruce Turley says, “Plants are the grocery, apothecary and hardware stores of the past.” VISTA Gardens’ Resident Experts have uncovered many Fun Facts about the wildflowers they care for on the berm running along the South Village Drive sidewalk.

Roberta Owens found that in the language of flowers, Tickseed, better known by its genus name Coreopsismeans “always cheerful,” and these delightful natives of the Americas live up to this designation in glorious fashion. Although typically seen in colors of yellow and gold, many species also contain red, bronze and burgundy and have been used commonly as dyes in native fabrics. To slake their thirst, the flowers were also boiled into teas by the natives of North America before the introduction of coffee. In recognition of the importance of the genus, Florida and Mississippi named Coreopsis their state’s wildflower.