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VISTA Infrastructure Committee Hard At Work

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Our infrastructure committee performs four primary roles at VISTA:

· Keeps the equipment, irrigation system, shed, pavilion, pergolas, ladders, tools, etc. in working order.

· Designs and constructs new projects to support the other committees and enhance the garden appearance; approves structures completed by other members.

· Keeps weeds from intruding into the perimeter of the garden bed areas and ponds.

· Teaches and works with members and volunteers interested in various electrical and mechanical activities at the garden.

Tasks can be as simple as using a bicycle pump to refill the wheelbarrow tires or as complex as troubleshooting the solar-powered irrigation system. Typical tasks include replacing rotten wood and faulty valves, re-gluing PVC pipes, maintaining small engines, pressure washing, erecting signs, installing rain-runoff pipes and painting.

Most work is performed by volunteer members. However, occasionally the task is beyond the ability of any member. For instance, when the well pump broke, the Infrastructure Committee selected a professional well pump company and ensured the work was performed properly.

If you have any interest or handyman experience, the infrastructure committee could use you. Please contact Marty Kleiner.

Exciting New Infrastructure Projects

While most of our garden beds are slowing down, the infrastructure committee is in high gear to complete projects before the fall growing season begins. Below is a list of projects that will be finished by the end of summer:

· Upgrade the solar-powered irrigation system with a new controller and two more solar panels; replace the eight lead-acid batteries with one lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which will almost double the existing capacity. (Grant money awarded)

· Install solar-powered automated gate to enter the property. (Grant money awarded)

· Construct a low wooden walkway/bridge on the south side of the retention pond.

Summer Maintenance Projects

· Empty the four 275-gallon water storage tanks and pressure wash the inside.

· Repair rotted wood on the garden beds.

Want to lend a hand? Please contact Marty Kleiner.

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