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Our mission is to provide education and to serve as a sustainable model for organic gardening, native landscaping, and related technologies while providing opportunities to participate in healthy outdoor activities, responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, and community building.

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VISTA In The News

VISTA Gardens was recently spotlighted by Charley Belcher on Fox Good Morning Tampa Bay. 

Thank you to those who participated both on and off camera. This interview would have not been possible without all of your hard work. 

Did you miss the VISTA Gardens TV appearance??

You can watch all of the segments here.


VistA Gardens Needs your leaves

Help us create "black gold" compost by bring in bagged leaves from your yard.

Pavilion Update

The company we bought the Pavilion from experienced some difficulties and we are very fortunate that they delivered on what we currently have.

Updated Timeline:

  • Submission of updated drawings to the county- week of 12-1

  • Purchase and delivery of additional 8x8 posts, 2x6's and 2x4's, cement, red galvanized panels- week of 12-7

  • Installation of gabled ends and other changes. County inspection.  Week of 12-14

  • Installation of cement pad and sidewalk- week of 12-14

  • Opening dedication and celebration of the Laddon Pavilion!- TBA


Native Plant Garden


Plants native to Florida are not the same as plants introduced from other places. Native plants provide conservation benefits that others rarely measure up to. When you select plants adapted to your growing conditions, they require very little attention once they are fully established. They will not need additional water and fertilizer to thrive, nor will they need pesticides to cope with typical insect pests. They also are the plants that will literally bring life to your landscape. Native plants form the only real foundation for Florida’s butterflies, bees, and other pollinators, hummingbirds, songbirds, and other interesting wildlife. Living landscapes connect us to the real world and create a sense of wonder in what would otherwise be sterile and uninteresting. You will not be limited in your choices or aesthetics. There are hundreds of wonderful plants to choose from. 

Craig N. Huegel

Clearing the site
Vicki working the land
Digging out root matter
Schematic posted
Plant delivery
Native plants arrive
Native plants arrive
Transplant time
First the placement
Phase One - Center plantings installed
Fakahatchee Grass, with Swamp Azalea,
Then the transplanting
Final transplant Phase One
Needle Palm
Vicki and volunteers
Phase One plantings
Shiny Coffee
Part of the collection
Starting Phase Two
Plantings set out
Angela at work
Angela tending transplants
Richard transplanting
Richard planting
Marilyn transplanting
Transplanting continues
Linda transplanting
Jennifer watering
Group hard at work
Mitch delivering compost
Vicki & Bill preparing transplant
Bill Clark transplanting
Simpson Stopper garden planted Octobe
16 Note the mirror collections of same n


VISTA's herb spiral enhances our ability to grow herbs and add beauty to our lovely garden.




Our Garden Has Grown

Despite the heat and humidity, several of our gardeners sweat it out and added seven new raised beds plus repaired the wood decay in our existing beds.

A big thank you to the tireless members of our Infrastructure Committee for your perseverance.

Dwarf Moringa
Pollinators at work
Cranberry Hibiscus

Explore VISTA Trail

Come take a walk on the wild side. Enjoy one of the latest additions to VISTA Gardens, a walking trail. Enjoy a shaded walk through the woods and commune with nature.

crawling on milkweed.jpg

VISTA's Monarch Waystation

Thank you to Vicki and Ken Kuse for ALL of their work to create lovely pollinator-friendly habitats, culminating in our registration as an official Monarch Waystation.

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