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AARP Garden Plans

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Lisa Meredith, Program Assistant, Hillsborough County IFAS Extension (Seffner) created two

garden plans based on the vegetables and herbs that AARP wanted to raise. AARP raises these vegetables to donate to our area food bank. The plans below are based on Lisa’s suggestions, with slight modifications based on demand.

The AARP Gardeners seeded and transplanted their Fall 2020 garden according to this plan and now deem it to be the most productive of their gardens to date. (They started gardening at VISTA in 2018.)

AARP Garden I

Outside Row

· Radish early in season, lettuce and spinach later in season

· Onions

Middle row

· Kale, 18-24” 32 (baby leaves) – 60 days (mature leaves)

· Basil

· Cherry Tomatoes, 18-20” 57 days

Outside row

· Eggplant, 24-36” 80 days

· Medium-sized Tomatoes, 24” 70 days

AARP Garden II

Outside row

· Cucumber 60 days

· California Wonder Peppers, 14-16” 60-75 days

· Banana Peppers, 18” 70 days

Middle row

· Collards, Old Timey Blues 24” 60-80 days

· Mustard Greens 24-36” 60-75 days

Outside row

· Beets 60 days

· Turnips, Red Round 50 days & White Globe, Purple Top 55 days

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