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Got Gate Guidelines?

Updated: Jan 16

VISTA has a new gate system, and it will become active on Monday, July 11. There is a gate orientation meeting on Saturday, July 9, at 8:30 a.m. During the orientation, you'll learn how to use the keypad and program your car's door opener (for those who have newer model cars). Should you have flexibility or mobility challenges, please email Jennifer. We have a few remote gate opening devices to lend to members who have special needs.

How it Works

The new system uses a solar-powered digital entry pad to automatically open and close the gate. The digital entry pad (on the left side of VISTA's entry) is similar to your home's alarm system keypad, or your community's gated entry keypad. You’ll enter a code to open or close the gate. If you prefer, you can program your car’s door opener or purchase a remote-control device that can be programmed to the gate passcode. Marty Kleiner, our gate guru, suggests this model. (Remember, ordering the remote using your link will support VISTA!)

Why a New Gate?

To improve universal accessibility to VISTA Gardens, VISTA's Grants Committee applied to The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation for funding to replace the gate padlock with an automatic entry (and exit) system.

Because the old gate required drivers to get out of their car, dial the combination on the padlock, open the heavy swing gate, then get back in their car and park nearby, it created issues for people with mobility and flexibility challenges. Thanks to the grant from The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, our new gate system is installed and will improve the VISTA gardening experience for everyone.

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