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New Growth

What's Growing This Season? Order Your Seedlings Now!

VISTA Gardens raises seedlings for gardeners to transplant in their raised garden beds at VISTA mid-September (heat-tolerant plants) October 15 (plants that thrive in cooler weather).


Order your seedlings by July 31st

VISTA Celebrated 10 Year Anniversary

on April 13, 2024

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Woodland Restoration Project

Sickle High School National Honors Society volunteers took on invasive non-native plants allowing for native species to take their place.

Ann & Gail served as fearless guides to reclaim the woodlands of VISTA Gardens.




Hillsborough County's First Garden Park

Our mission is to provide education and to serve as a sustainable model for organic gardening, native landscaping, and related technologies while providing opportunities to participate in healthy outdoor activities, responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, and community building.

Take a look around this web site to learn more about our garden, its members and find links to helpful gardening resources.

AARP Gives back to the Community Food Pantry with each harvest. They have donated a whopping 293 pounds of nutritious food to those in need this season.

Nature Coast Chapter of  the Florida Native Plant Society Tours VISTA 11/18/2023

Community Gardens

"According to the Trust for Public Land, “today there are more than 29,000 garden plots in city parks in just the 100 largest U.S. Cities.” That is a lot of space and a lot of leverage, and it doesn’t even include gardens at
faith communities, non-profits, businesses, private land, and those in smaller cities, suburban communities, and rural areas!" 

Alyssa McKim,
Contributor to the American Community Gardening Association magazine 


Easy does it on that fertilizer....Tips for sustainable gardening

Arbor Day 2023

Touring Garden
Delivery of the Marlberry
Introducing the new Marlberry tree
Moonlight Garden Circle with Marlberry Tree
Welcoming the Marlberry Tree on Arbor Day, January 20, 2023
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Future VISTA Gardeners

At VISTA we not only nurture or plants we nurture children to become future gardeners.


Pollinator Gardens

With approximately 75 percent of all food crops grown in the United States depending on pollinator animals, the Pollinator Gardens at VISTA aid in producing ample crops.