Hillsborough County's First Garden Park

Our mission is to provide education and to serve as a sustainable model for organic gardening, native landscaping, and related technologies while providing opportunities to participate in healthy outdoor activities, responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, and community building.

Take a look around this web site to learn more about our garden, its members and find links to helpful gardening resources.

Plant Nursery

House of the Rising Seeds

Pre-order seedlings and seed packets now.

VISTA’s new Wildflower Garden 

VISTA Awarded VIVA Florida Grant

Let the Sun Shine:
How we’re eradicating weeds with sunshine, and you can too.

Say Hello to VISTA’s Wildflower Garden Resident Experts!

Gardening Equipment
Gardening Tools

Donations Needed

Time to start getting our supplies ready for the upcoming growing season

Items that we need for the upcoming growing season.Scissors, clippers, gloves, hoses, nozzles, and hand trowels.

Gardening Tools

VISTA In The News

VISTA Gardens was recently spotlighted by Charley Belcher on Fox Good Morning Tampa Bay. 

Thank you to those who participated both on and off camera. This interview would have not been possible without all of your hard work. 

Did you miss the VISTA Gardens TV appearance??

You can watch all of the segments here.

Compost Project Update

The Compost Committee has completed a major upgrade to the compost system.VISTA Gardens is thankful to the countless hours that Bill, Hugh, MJ, and Lucio spent designing and constructing the new bins. Their efforts will aide the garden achieve a more efficient composting operation, produce more compost.


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Pollinator Gardens

With approximately 75 percent of all food crops grown in the United States depending on pollinator animals, the Pollinator Gardens at VISTA aid in producing ample crops. 

The Laddon Pavilion is Complete

March 20, 2021
Ready for use
Nearly complete
Corn tassel producing pollen to encourag
Concrete slab installed February 18, 202
Work in progress


Native Plants at VISTA

Plants native to Florida are not the same as plants introduced from other places. Native plants provide conservation benefits that others rarely measure up to. When you select plants adapted to your growing conditions, they require very little attention once they are fully established. They will not need additional water and fertilizer to thrive, nor will they need pesticides to cope with typical insect pests. They also are the plants that will literally bring life to your landscape. Native plants form the only real foundation for Florida’s butterflies, bees, and other pollinators, hummingbirds, songbirds, and other interesting wildlife. Living landscapes connect us to the real world and create a sense of wonder in what would otherwise be sterile and uninteresting. You will not be limited in your choices or aesthetics. There are hundreds of wonderful plants to choose from. 

Craig N. Huegel

Learn more about native plants at VISTA

Watch slideshow of native plants garden installation at VISTA