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Social Butterflies

Updated: Jan 16

Laurie Kleiner is always making a plan, organizing people to take part in events, and gathering friends for activities, so heading up the Social committee at VISTA Gardens

seemed like a task right up her alley.

Laurie and her husband, Marty, are original VISTA members, and over the past few years Laurie has organized, publicized and participated in many events, including group bike rides, Friday night happy hours during the Covid lockdown, countless Pot Luck lunches and dinners, and assisted with our celebration and pavilion dedication in April.

Our committee believes that VISTA is not only a place to grow vegetables and flowers, but a place to socialize with fellow gardeners, partake in fun events, most involving food and drinks, and provide a way to truly be part of the VISTA community.

Future activities will include more gatherings under our fabulous garden pavilion, since people enjoy relaxing at the garden while mingling with others. There will be group bike rides for the active set, and possibly a family game night, along with more kids’ events. We are all ready to return to get-togethers with others after the long haul of Covid restrictions.

As an avid tennis player, new pickleball player, runner, bicycle rider and recent retiree from a long career as a public school teacher, Laurie is always busy and active. She welcomes anyone who is interested in planning, coordinating or publicizing social events to join the Social Committee. Text Laurie at 813-758-9457 and get involved!

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